It's time! You have reached a new & exciting stage in life - children have moved out, no need for a large home anymore, maybe you don't want the responsibility of lawn care & snow removal. Whatever the reason, I would like to help with the following services:

  • listening and helping you determine what the goal of the move is
  • establish a search for and confirm by viewing that this is the type of new home/lifestyle you desire
  • provide a careful assessment of value on your current home
  • professional staging and photography and full service marketing of your existing home.

With a wide range of services I can make your transition a smooth one.

Call me - I'd be happy to help!


You have been thinking for awhile that it's time to move. Maybe your children have been "gently persuading" you to consider moving to a different lifestyle home, BUT something is holding you back. Maybe you feel it's a huge process, or your family is geographically dispursed and not readily available to help. Maybe you just have too many things and can't conceive of dealing with it.

I have a number of clients who have faced many of these same concerns. Some were overwhelmed by the thought of moving anywhere, but with patient consultation, discussion with family and assistance from various service providers, they have made the transition to a new and exciting lifestyle.

Not all "downsizers" are the same - specific needs, personalities, affordability, among other things, need to be considered. With a wide range of services & service providers, I believe I can make your transition a smooth one.

Call me - I'd be happy to help!