Making a Positive Lifestyle Choice

For Boomers

We start with very little and, move & add more, move & add more. Fast forward a few years, look around and we find ourselves surrounded by THINGS, but do we really need them? COULD WE LIVE IN LESS SPACE?

BUT - "Downsizing" has such a negative ring to it. Instead of thinking downsizing, let's consider it "Rightsizing". A term defined as "to undergo a reduction to an optimal size". Now that sounds positive.

As an empty nester or retiree realizing that you no longer require a home full of rooms that never get used - rightsizing is about determining how much space you actually need and using that criteria to guide your home buying decision.

There is a definite trend toward a more simplified lifestyle & placing value on efficient space and quality time. AND Rightsizing doesn't need to mean sacrificing the quality of home or community. Identify what is truly important to you - space for entertaining; storage for golf clubs, skis, bikes; walkability to amenities; or access to transit.

By carefully determining your priorities & stage of life you can find the home and community that is the best fit for you.

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For Seniors

When is it time to leave your home?

What does it mean to Right-size your home?

"Rightsizing" is a term defined as "to undergo a reduction to an optimal size".

Our homes are often our biggest assets but frequently not appropriate for our lifestyle as we enter into our senior years. Is it nostaligia that keeps us in place? Is it fear of change, or overwhelmed with what do I do with all my things (some are Family Heirlooms)? Maybe it's a conern about restricting independence?

Right-sizing is about identifying how much space we actually need. Across all generations we are re-evaluating how we live and purpose of "home". Finding the right one starts with carefully determining your needs, priorities and stage of life and then matching that with the home or community that fits you.

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